Month: May 2020

My Weekend Poem

I saw my cousins

We had dinner at the pub

The next day was fun.

Being Back At School :) :)

I’m back at school and I’ve seen all my friends (YAY). We’ve started a new thing at school where we self orgornise I’m enjoying it its so nice being back at school and seeing everyone.Lock-down was just a school holiday. Its getting colder so I started wearing warmer clothes. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

100 Word Challenge

I was walking past my BFFS (Best Friends Forever) house then I heard it. A high pitched scream, it was my friends scream. My heart was thumping. I was about to go inside but then something stopped me. I thought should I really do this. But then I thought about Stephanie. I yelled to her and she yelled back .” Amanda!!!!, HELP  ME PLEASE” I yelled back “Whats happening” she screamed one more time and yelled back ” My bunny Kyle-r is killing me HELP ME please” I run inside its true her bunny is killing her.I pull the bunny of her.