Month: June 2020


How I long to see

the cool lakes 

water lapping                                                 

on the dotted shore line

How I long to feel

the heat of your warm arms.

How I long to hear 

“maa maa” from my pet lambs,

in the paddocks.

Summer where are you?

Please come back to

bring joy back and 

put smiles on everyone’s faces

By Amelia Wills

Winter – Poem

In winter snow flows

 around the hill-sides and flat grounds.

 Snow is as white as a white doe

 that flutters through the air.


Every one enjoys winter

even if it’s just sitting by the fire

Watching the flames gyre around.

Getting up at sunrise

with sleepy-eyes.

If you start to sneeze

then soon the ground will freeze. 😀

School Camps Must Stay

Have you ever gone to an  awesome school camp?  I’ve been on three. I look forward to it every year and when I heard that they were thinking about stopping them, I was devastated. I strongly believe that Camps are vital.


Firstly, we learn in different, but fun ways. We usually go to new places and learn about them. It’s very fascinating. I’ve learned some important life lessons. In the classroom we are on screens, but when we are in camp we interact more. It’s so much better. Once when I went on a walk, we were looking for native birds and plants and I learnt a lot from that camp.


In addition, we get to spend more outside and spend more time with my friends. It’s just like an awesome sleepover with the entire class and it’s much better than a normal sleepover. I always enjoy them. We get proper experience of real life scenarios. We also get fit from running, swimming, climbing and hiking. 


Furthermore, We gain more confidence. Sometimes we are scared of leaving family, I know I was but I faced my fear and I really enjoyed it. Some people are scared of different things like Acrophobia and Acrophobia ( which I can’t pronounce)I Know that Acrophobia means fear of heights and Acrophobia fear of open fear of open spaces.


Surly, you can see my  points now and I urge you to think about what I’ve said and not disappoint your class or if you have to explain why. I’m so excited to go to my camp this year.

Our Water World (What I Learnt)

I learnt about what Condensation means. It’s a bit like thisLittle watery drops or steam.

I also learnt that most of the worlds fresh water is in under ground river and lakes.