Month: July 2020

My Holiday Review

The first week of the school holidays were tiring because we did swimming. On Thursday and Friday we added squash to the list. On the weekend we did some riding on our new pony, Sparkie. I went skiing on Tuesday and later that day my oldest cousin Sophie (17) came to my grandparents house and stayed into Friday. On Thursday I went to a nettball camp. I didn’t feel well so I didn’t go to the second day. on Saturday Emily and Izzy came for tea and on Sunday I went for another ride on Sparkie, I felt confident so I didn’t have a lead on him. I turrned to go down the hill and Sparkie got excited and took of I just manged to get him under control. That was my school holidays :P.

Term Review

I’ve enjoyed plenty of things. But some things stand out like the term treat (Laser tag) and don’t call me Ishmael (A book). I think I’ve improved on my maths because I didn’t understand fractions and percentages but now I do. I’m proud of my poems because I didn’t like poems until I took my time. I think I could have done better in my persuasive writing because I didn’t add much detail.