Month: August 2020

Last Week!!!!!!!!

Last week the year seven and eights went to tect at O.I.S. Which meant the year 6s (me) got to do other stuff like baking, Nachos and Melting moments(Tessa and I made the melting moments), we also helped room 4 and room 3 with electric currents.Here are some photos.


Good bye.

100 Word Challenge Week 47

“Evelyn Striped, you stole my rubber, duck?” exclaimed excited Piper.“What rubber duck?” replied Evie. She knew that a real duck was behind her. He was invisible to other penguins because he was her spirit animal. He was a Mandarin duck, his name was Lucas. Piper pushed Evie onto the Frozen pond. She had not learned how to swim and plus, she still had her baby feathers. Ice started to crack. Piper, watched, horrified by what she’d done. Lukas wished he could do something but he couldn’t. As water spread out something pushed her out of the way of the water.

Learning Conference

Learning Conferences are where you, your teacher and your Parent discuss your learning. I felt very proud.

I need to add more detail. My Mum said that she was proud.

Fact about Lynette Noni

Lynette Noni grew up on a farm in outback Australia until she moved to the exquisite Sunshine Coast and swapped her mud-stained boots for sand-splashed flip-flops. She has always been a reader and most of her childhood was spent lost in daydreams of far-off places and magical worlds.When her Hogwarts letter didn’t arrive she consoled herself by looking inside every wardrobe she could find, determined to find her way to Narnia one day. While waiting for that to happen, she creates her own fantasy worlds and enjoys spending time with the characters she meets along the way. Born on September 4, 1985. She is best known for her best-selling Young Adult fantasy series, The Medoran Chronicles. Lynette was the Australian YA bestselling author in 2018 as well.