Month: December 2020

I didn’t mean to kill her!!

 Ivory and her identical twin bffs, Maddie and Maggie were walking along a well used path to where they always go after school, the cliffs. It was sunny but a little windy. When there they set up a blanket and sat down. They talked about what they usually did, who was the nicest teacher and what they most enjoyed about their day.


Maggie stood up abruptly. “What’s wrong?” asked Ivory, concerned. There was a strange glint in Maggie’s green eyes, like someone had died right in front of her. Maddie waved a hand in front of her face, “Hellooo” she called. No response. Maggie slowly walked towards the end of the cliff. She looked like she was about to jump, when some water hit her face and she turned around in shock and demanded to know who did it, of course, it was Maddie. Then Maggie asked how she got over there? Ivory replied “You stood up and walked, why?”. Maggie stood perfectly still, her face had a confused look on it. “But I don’t remember anything,” she said her voice shaking.


Crack. Ivory and Maddie clambered back. Maggie, still frozen in shock, tumbled onto the ground. “The cliffs are breaking” yelled Ivory as she reached for Maggie’s hand, she grasped it in her right hand. Maddie grabbed Ivory’s leg and pulled back with all her might, Maggie was still slipping. She looked at them one last time and let go. As she fell towards the rocks and the raging sea, she started to laugh. she laughed uncontrollably as she fell to her doom. Bang! More of the cliff fell and embraced her and the sea.


It was so hard to believe one of Ivory’s best friends was gone in just minutes. The worst thing was, she had watched Maggie die. She felt sick and almost threw herself off the cliff as well but something stopped her, It was  Maddie she was standing still and in shock. Ivory  could see how hard she was trying not to cry. “ Lets go to the police station!” Said Ivory, her voice shaking.“Sure” replied Maddie.


They went down the pathway until they reached their school, the school bully was coming out of detention. He went up to them and noticed they were crying “Oh, look here is the cry baby group” He teased, everyone laughed.

Maddie who has stage fright screamed, “I hope you’re happy now. Maggie is dead.” everyone was shocked and silent. The school bully asked in a timid voice “Is she really dead?” Maddie nodded and Ivory said “ It’s all my fault I let go of her. I didn’t mean to kill her.”

“No it’s not,” replied Maddie as she hugged her bestie, “don’t ever think that.” With that promise they had a funeral for Maggie and went back to their normal life, but they were never the same again.


By Amelia