Month: February 2021

100 WC – 20

Kathrine was walking along the path until she reached her work, at the library. Kathie had come from school. Tomorrow she was her 12th birthday and her family had ignored her, her entire life expect her older brother Timmy

10 Things about me!!!

  1. I read books which are made for 14 year olds.
  2. One my first day of school my dad accidentally hit me on my with a rock (he didn’t mean to.)
  3.  I Can not fall asleep with not reading a book.
  4. I like heights when I know I cannot fall.
  5. I’ve got lots of pet lambs,probably about 20 per year, all together about 50 or 70.
  6. I have been able to cont to 10 in Spanish since I was 3.
  7. I like cats more than dogs because cats are more inside animals and they aren’t as energetic.
  8. I don’t enjoy drinking milk by itself.
  9. I have to wash my hair 3 times a week.
  10. I have 1 sibling.

Growth Mind-set

A growth mind set is when you have a positive attitude for learning. I love to learn so I have a growth mind set, an example is today when we were doing information report, I got in to it straight away.

This is a Growth Mind set.

100 WC – 20

Eddy was taking a letter home on his bike. The letter was really important because his mother was about to die and his older sister was trying to get a job. The info about the a job and if she got it. All of a sudden a gust of wind blew the letter up a tree. It was too high for Eddy to climb, he tied his yellow bike to a tree and climbed up. He opened the letter just in case the wind came back. He jumped for joy, sent a pic to his sister and slipped and died.

What I’m Excited About 2021

I’m really excited for

  • Going to camp in the Lewis pass, Boyle river.
  • Doing tech at O.I.S.
  • Helping with the Danseys Pass pass trail bike ride.
  • Seeing all my friends
  • Hopefully not another lockdown
  • Cross Country
  • Winter Sports
  • And having a AWESOME YEAR!!!!!!!!

That Was Summer

Remember that time

When you had to help

With your little sister’s party?

Making up games for her friends to play

While keeping your friends entertained?


Remember that time

When you went to Wainui for a week 

You made lots of friends and had a lot of fun?

You got really muddy at the the mudflats

And you made your cabin late 

Because you had to have a shower?


Remember that time

When your tummy felt like it was doing cartwheels?

You were at Hanmer Springs 

And you had just gone down the Conical Thrill hydro slide

With your friend Emily


Remember that time

You were walking on a track

At night looking for glow worms?

Your little sister felt sick

And looked like she was doing yoga poses?

When the glow worms came out

You were in awe 

at the sight of so many little lights.


That was Summer


By Amelia