100 WC – 20

Eddy was taking a letter home on his bike. The letter was really important because his mother was about to die and his older sister was trying to get a job. The info about the a job and if she got it. All of a sudden a gust of wind blew the letter up a tree. It was too high for Eddy to climb, he tied his yellow bike to a tree and climbed up. He opened the letter just in case the wind came back. He jumped for joy, sent a pic to his sister and slipped and died.


  1. I like this story Amelia, it had a very sudden ending!!

  2. Fern Tan (Team 100WC)

    Poor Eddy! Amelia, what a tragic story you managed to spin out of that picture of a bicycle. I like your opening line in this, as it’s short, yet gives a lot of information, such as what Eddy was doing and where he was going. If only he hadn’t “jumped for joy” while he was in a tree . . . Keep writing!

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