My blog avatar

The image that I have selected instead of an avatar, resembles me because my favourite animal that’s a carnivore is a fox and my favourite herbivore is a deer 

 When I found this pic I said’ so cute!!!!’Then I put it as my avatar straight away .

My Favourite Book

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

my favourite book

Some people think Harry Potter is scary But I think Harry Potter is carming .I’ve read the entire set but I think Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best one and The most exciting part of it is when Harry, Ron and Hermione  through through the through the whomping willow into the most haunted house in The Wizarding World. That the most funny bits was win the Knight bus stops for an old lady and said 10 9 8 7 5 4 3 3 And a half 2 1 And three quarters .

Sirius Black escapes from The Wizarding prison and he was the first one who did it. Another funny bit was when .I really recommend it especially if your Percy Jackson and you enjoyed it and or What’s the movies  By Amelia Wills


I persevered when I was trying to score a try.                                                              I’m so proud of my self because I scored the first try of the game and it was probably won of the hardest teams we would play against.

I love playing touch and its all because I Persevered.




100 Word Challenge

Once there was a pink giraffe .He had a very painful childhood ,it was horrible no one would play him – so he sang to himself about the dusty Savannah.                 Anyway while he was singing some lions were sneaking up ready to pounce and in a nik of time he ran to his parents but the lions were too fast for him .He closed his eyes preparing for the pain but it never came, he opened his eyes ,the lions were dead .”Ahh!!! humans help me” he yelled ,something was wrong the human said before he fainted:” you talked wow amzing!!!!


Where I’m From

         Where I’m From

                        {Inspired by George Ella Lyon }

I am from paddocks,

Endless noise of cows, traffic and sheep.

I am from lush, green grass when the rains come.

I am from a river where dead souls whisper, to mountain peaks

I am from exquisitely beautiful landscapes

in a minuscule community called 



By Amelia

Welcome To My New Blog

Hello ,

My name is Amelia.My favourite sport is netball,I really like to read Harry Potter.I’m 10 ,my parents are called Paige & Richard,my sister is called Hazel, I had a pet rabbit but he died on monday, I love love love going biscuiting   on the lake.   We Iive in New Zealand ,North Otago also we live on a sheep farm with cows ,deer& chickens